Northern Wireless Email Upgrade

Northern Wireless Communications is rolling out a new email system and 24-hour technical support this fall.

In late September, Northern Wireless started offering 24-hour technical support to provide around-the-clock assistance to customers who need help.

“We hope that the move to 24-hour technical support will allow our customers to get answers to their questions at a time that is convenient for them,” Mark Fischer, Manager of Wireless Services, said.

Northern Wireless customers simply need to call the current 605-225-0310 or 1-800-529-0310 numbers and ask for technical support to be connected with a member of the support team.

On November 1, Northern Wireless Communications will also be upgrading its email system.

“The new Northern Wireless email system will include great upgrades for our customers,” Information and Technology Manager Derek Gorecki said.

Customer mailboxes will have more than ten times the storage space of current mailboxes, and users will be able to send emails and attachments with larger file sizes. There will also be an updated spam filtering system to separate unwanted junk mail and viruses from important messages.

“All emails, email addresses, and passwords will remain the same for Northern Wireless email users,” Gorecki said. “The only change our customers will notice is the look and style of their webmail and spam filtering services.”

All contacts, attachments, and data will be migrated to the new email system on November 1.

Email customers will experience little to no change in the way they use their accounts. The settings below are provided as a resource to ensure email accounts are set up properly on various devices. If customers have further questions they can call 24-hour technical support at 1-800-529-0310.

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail server:

The following settings are recommended:
Username: (your full email address)
Password:  *********
Incoming mail port (IMAP):  993 (SSL)
(IMAP is recommended)
Incoming mail port (POP3):  995 (SSL)
Outgoing mail port (SMTP):  587 (StartTLS)

Outgoing authentication: required (same username/password as incoming)

Links to set up on specific systems:

Droid Settings            Mac Settings              Windows Live Settings