Northern Wireless Internet service packages

Northern Wireless offers four main internet packages at competitive prices. All of the packages include UNLIMITED DATA USAGE, a FREE router, and FREE 24-HOUR technical support. There is a one time $99 installation charge which includes all of the equipment and labor you need to get your internet service up and running.
  • The BASIC package is our most cost-effective way to connect you to the web. From surfing your favorite sites, to emailing your friends, and watching the latest videos on YouTube the BASIC option has you covered.
  • If you want to stream video through services like Netflix and Hulu then our DELUXE package is the one for your home. With download speeds of up to 15 megabits per second (Mbps), this package will offer you a fast connection at a reasonable price. 
  • The PREMIUM package will accomodate video streaming and web surfing on multiple devices at the same time. This package is ideal for families that want to connect several devices to their home internet. At only $64.95, a month you can triple your speed over the Deluxe Package for only $15 more.
  • Our ELITE package is the fastest option from Northern Wireless. It offers a blazing-fast 70 Mbps connection that will suit the needs of any home or business.
Northern Wireless Communications can also customize ANYTHING beyond these options for your home or business. Please call our office for more information at 605-225-0310.
Speeds are advertised as “up-to” and are not guaranteed. Please contact us for further information, as speeds may vary based on your location.