Aberdeen Internet Tower

We deliver the internet to you without wires. At Northern Wireless we don’t use cable or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connections to bring the web to your home or business; we use a network of towers and antennas.

In 1988, Northern Rural Cable TV Cooperative (NRCTV) was created to bring cable television to the rural areas not served by municipal TV services. NRCTV launched the nation’s first rural cooperative wireless cable TV system, and our rural members could throw away their bunny ears and watch a selection of more than three channels. The network was eventually renamed Northern Wireless and provided quality TV programming to more than 1,000 subscribers in rural and suburban areas until August of 2010.

Since that time, Northern Electric Cooperative through Northern Wireless has developed its own wireless internet service. Today, the network of towers that brought consumers television has been converted to bring internet service to hundreds of northeast South Dakota residents who have ditched their slow dial-up connections and switched to our broadband high-speed wireless internet solution.

The bottom line is our network can reach homes in some of the most rural areas because cables and hard-wire connections are not needed.